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Digitala berättelser i massor

Via Digital Learning finns en sammanställning på olika verktyg för digitalt berättande: 

Digital Storytellers

Tikatok, Glogster, Magnoto, Storyjumper, StorySoething, FineTuna, BubbleSnaps, WigFlip, MoshiMonsters, PhotoPeach, MadeupMemories, Sketchfu och många fler längst ner på sidan.
Skönt när man hittar en krot sammanställning om allt detta, vi tackar! 
Here are some more tools to create your web based digital stories.
Tikatok is an online platform to write, illustrate and publish online stories. You can start writing your book with StorySparks that are like writing prompts. The beginning of the story is automatically added to your story's beginning. You can also print your book.
If you are looking for a similar site to Glogsteryou should visit MagnotoYou can add your photos, videos, audios in a magnetic style to the web. You can also send your content as an email. It's like sticking different media on a refrigerator door.
Storyjumper is a site that gives you different tools to write and illustrate stories. You choose the type of the story you want to make ,then you 'll see the story creator tool on your way. You can start from scratch or you can get a beginning to create your story. You can read some of the books here.
You can create your personalized stories using StorySomethingThe stories are already written, you choose your own adventure and change the name of the characters of the story and publish it.
FineTuna lets you add comments to any image and share it with others.BubbleSnaps and WigFlip are similar tools to add text to images.
You can have your virtual monster pet with MoshiMonsters. You can adapt your own pet monster, chat with friends and play games.
PhotoPeach is a rich slide show with zooming comments, sound effects and music. You can also create quizzes after you finish your slide show.
MadeupMemories lets you customize videos by putting your personal pictures. You can choose to be a princess, a toy, a superhero! Just choose your video, upload your picture and publish it. You can also download it to your computer and keep it on your desktop forever!
Sketchfu allows you to draw your own pictures and share it with others.
Enjoy and stay tuned!
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Özge Karaoğlu is an English teacher and a freelance edTech teacher trainer and an e moderator at British Council’s ELT Sharepoint. She currently works at Terakki Foundation Schools as an English teacher and the leader of the kindergarten department.
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